Welcome to the 19th European Conference On Non-Linear Optical Spectroscopy (ECONOS 2020), the annual meeting devoted to diverse topics in the field of nonlinear optical spectroscopy, including coherent Raman scattering, novel laser sources, microscopy, imaging, combustion, ultra-fast and vibrational spectroscopy. Read more …

The conference will be held from 19th to 22nd April 2020 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Early-bird registration open (until 30 Oct. 2019 )

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Invited Speakers

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In the tradition of recent years, a special issue ‘ECONOS/ECW’ of the Journal of Raman spectroscopy for the Proceedings of the conference is planned. Author information regarding the preparation of manuscripts can be found on JRS webpage.

We would like to draw the attention of ECONOS network to the folowing two events:

  1. “Karlsruhe and the world” – under this heading, KIT will organize the first “International Days at KIT ” on October 9 and 10 this year. ECONOS 2020 (Story and Goals) will be be presented in the Program
  2. An open seminar on research approaches, results and analytics using Optical Photothermal Infrared Technology (O-PTIR) which will take place on 27.11.2019 at Physical Electronics GmbH (Salzstraße 8, 85622 Feldkirchen bei München, Germany).