VISA & Funding support


General information

Visitors from outside the European Union (EU) should check whether or not a visa is required. Germany is a member of the Schengen Agreement. Participants from outside Schengen countries and the European Union (EU) but with a valid visa for one of the Schengen countries may move freely into and within any other Schengen country.

Letter of invitation for participation in the ECONOS 2020

Participants who need to receive an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa, raise travel funds, or for administrative purposes should apply for this document no later than 28. February 2020.

The Letter of Invitation for VISA purpose is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial support. It should be understood that the organizers can only issue an invitation which includes the time of the assembly. A letter of invitation can only be provided for abstract authors and/or registered participants (paid conference registration). Letters for other persons, e.g. family members, cannot be issued.

Funding support

Early career scientists and established researchers from low and middle-income countries who wish to present their work at the ECONOS 2020 can apply for funding support. A limited amount of the overall budget of the ECONOS 2020 will be reserved to provide financial support.

Scientists who wish to apply for funding support must be the contact author, as well as the first and presenting author of their contribution, and they must submit an abstract no later than 1 December 2019. The ECONOS 2020 support selection committee will decide about awarding support to individual contributions by 24 December 2019. All applicants will be informed after the decision. Application for funding support does not guarantee accepting it.

Applications (formless) for funding support should be sent directly to the conference chair no later than 1 December 2019.

Institutional Free Registrations

Each third registration from the same academic institution is qualified for Free Registration application.

Applications (formless) for third Institutional Free Registration should be sent directly to