Abstract Submission


Use a text editor of your choice to compile your abstract: title, author(s), affiliation(s) of author(s), and abstract text. Your abstract should be one page.

In order to unify abstract appearance, here are some typographic and formatting guidelines:

  • Abstract to be uploaded must be in PDF format.
  • Paper size should be A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm).
  • Margins should be set for a 5 cm top, bottom, left, and right.
  • For text fonts: use only 10pt Times (roman, bold or italic), and Symbol. Sans Serif Fonts such as Arial can be used in Figures.
  • The name of the presenting (contact) author should be underlined.
  • Include all equations, drawings, figures and references within the one page limit.
  • Avoid asterisks, acknowledgements, job descriptions or footnotes.
  • Do not add page numbers.
  • Simple equations should be included in-line wherever possible, whereas more complex expressions should be centered and numbered if there are several.
  • Figures should be relevant to the submission and preferably centered as shown below.
  • Placing sub figures side-by-side is a convenient way to include multiple results within the one-page limit.
  • The figures can be provided in grey scale or colors.
  • Figure captions should be centered beneath figures and in an 8-point font.
  • Figure captions should be indented 1 cm on both sides and justified on both right and left sides.

We recommend to download and use the ECONOS 2020_Abstract-template

Conference Management Form (CMF)

The CMF is required for your and our convenience during the conference time.

The ECONOS 2020 CMF can be downloaded here: Word or PDF

Please print your Abstract and the filled CMF in one PDF file and send it by Email to info@econos-online.org